SuperFly Coaching

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I started SuperFly Coaching (Formerly Trainingbible Coaching)  20 years ago, drawing on my own transformational journey as a former 240-pound beginner to a 9-time Kona Finisher, with a personal best of 9:16.

My own experiences inspired me to help others achieve their own athletic goals, and I've dedicated my career to doing just that. Along the way, I've worked with several coaches and experts, always eager to learn and become the best I could be. However, I found that many of these mentors did not have a complete understanding of what made me unique - my past experiences, current strengths, and weaknesses.

As a result, I developed a coaching philosophy that emphasizes a personalized approach. I recognize that each athlete is unique, and I tailor training programs to meet their specific needs. 

Through this approach, I've successfully coached an impressive range of athletes, from Olympians and Olympic Marathon Trial qualifiers to juniors and age-groupers seeking to change their lives for the better.

My notable accomplishments include being named the 2009 USAT Developmental Coach of the Year, coaching an Olympian and Olympic Marathon Trial qualifier, and guiding dozens of Kona Qualifiers to success. I've also coached Olympic Marathon Qualifier Sally Meyerhoff and helped Danielle Lewis break a 13-year standing record on the Ironman Arizona run course, as well as 3rd Place at 2023 US Pro 70.3 National championships. 

I take great pride in helping each of my athletes achieve their deepest and most meaningful goals. Whether you're a junior, a professional, or an age-grouper, I'm committed to helping you surpass your limits and reach new heights. With over 60 Kona qualifiers and over 100 70.3 World Championship qualifiers, my personalized approach has yielded impressive results.

I believe that every athlete deserves to be recognized for their unique talents and abilities, and that's why I tailor each training program to fit the individual athlete. Over 90% of my athletes reach and exceed their goals, PRs, and what they thought was possible. If you're looking to transform your athletic performance and achieve your own meaningful goals, I'm here to help. Let's work together to help you become the best athlete you can be!