SuperFly Coaching

I started SuperFly Coaching 20 years ago. 

I was an out of shape (236 lbs.) person in 1996 and when I joined the Marines, could not run the 1.5 miles to JOIN!
Since then, I have qualified and finished IRONMAN World Championships 9X.

I was not a natural athlete. I had to work HARD, and seek out the the BEST advice. I approached with no ego and as a sponge.

Going through that process helped me become the coach and mentor I am, keeping most of these experts as mentors and friends creating a tremendous network for my clients. 

Using these tools and experiences I have helped and coached: 

- 2016 Olympic Coach

- 48 x unique Ironman World Championship Qualifiers

- 2009 Developmental Coach of the year

- Beginner Athletes who have lost over 100 pounds!

I love coaching people who are excited to improve. Most of us feel like we have "unfinished business" with our fitness.

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