Currently blessed to live in Sarasota


I thought hard about which topic should go first. While initially athletics may not make sense, all of my relationships, and work principles were refined through my pursuit of becoming the best athlete I could be. 
Athletics were not easy for me. I had to learn how to become resourceful, surround myself with excellent advice, and finally be disciplined.  

To go from being 240 pounds and completely out of shape to a 9x IRONMAN World Championship finisher was hard but rewarding! Several times I felt it was "impossible" or "couldn't be done". I learned quickly to pick myself up, dust myself off and try another way until I got it.
All of which are principles I apply to how I am as a husband, parent, coach, and leader. 


With my passion for improvement and finding what I was capable of, I accumulated a lot of knowledge and experiences. More importantly, EMPATHY.

My journey allows me to understand where people are when they are stuck and help them through it. Take inventory of the current situation and provide them the guidance and encouragement to take the next step.
Over the years I have been known for helping people race at the highest level. 

My favorite clients are 40+ year old athletes that feel they are not done with feeling fit, having goals, and appreciate the efficiencies my network of knowledge and resources bring.


While everything I do ultimately drives to the businesses I work in, my values and ethics were born from my experiences.
I work HARD to make everyone I work feel like they receive value and appreciation. These principals are the driving force behind the companies I own.  

I created Wavoto as an advocate for every small business out there fighting for marketshare and success. I found the small business markets was largely ignored in terms software tools. Not anymore.